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The financial markets and the investment opportunities have been for a long time a main topic that fascinated myself. Unfortunately in the past time in Italy there were no possibility to get an independent financial advisory, because every advice was connected with a sale of a financial product. When I heard that the independent financial advisory has been practiced with success since the '80s in other countries and that the EU has issued 2004 a directive that also allows and regulates the pursuance of this new profession, I decided in 2005 to be the first in the province ob Bolzano to offer an independent financial advisory "fee only". I belong not only locally, but also nationally, to the pioneers of the independent financial advisers. Like all pioneers I have the passion and the convictions for that what I do. To be an independent financial adviser means that me and my customer are pulling together in the same direction and that there are no conflicts of interests. The continuous trust that I get from my customers and the long term relationship with them are the demonstration that as a pioneer I went the right way. And this is also my greatest satisfaction.

In the last years I specialized myself more and more in the financial planning for private persons with larger assets (about one million of Euro and more) which brought sometimes to them to a different attitude to their own assets and their life. As an active member in the NAFOP working group for financial planning I have the right qualification to offer a genuine advisory which doesn't consist in the usual sale of financial products from tied agents.

For further information please give a look to the german or italian edition of this website. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact me. A first meeting in my office to learn more about how I work is free of charge.

Dr. Hermann Kofler


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